Eclectic sounds from diverse minds.

Eraser vs Yöjalka - Lords of the Liverdance - FDREC-01

The 3rd album of Eraser vs Yöjalka from finland, as usual pushing their style in new directions with this new slant on Suomi sound.

: Released June 2006 :


Various Artists - Squeech - FDREC-02

Looking for a new sound? something a little challenging, yet dancefloor friendly? Then look no further than our first Faerie Dragon compilation...........Squeech!

: Released June 2006 :


Salakavala - Fractal Fishing - FDREC-03

Many years in the making, Salakavala from Finland bring you their debut album chock full of funky twisty forest tales for faeries to play to on a moonlit night or in the morning light.

: Released September 2006 :


Puoskari - The Audio Hustler - FDREC-04

Puoskari's first album 'Audio Hustler' was released on Finnish label Freakdance Records, as a local Finnish release in 2004, with very limited distribution elsewhere in the world. Faerie Dragon brings back this classic album as a limited edition re-release digipak with worldwide distribution to help spread the freak dance vibe.

: Released February 2007 :


Luomuhappo - Pog-o-matic Pogómen 3000000 - FDREC-05

This album was originally released on Finland’s Freakdance Records as a limited edition, in late 2004, and is now made available worldwide by Fearie Dragon Records.

: Released April 2007 :


Outolintu - Odd Man Out - FDREC-06

Faerie Dragon brings you the debut album from Outolintu. Outolintu has been producing for many years with releases on labels such as Surreal Audio, Exogenic Records and Thirteen Productions under different alias' but is most well known for his work as one half of Haltya, and also as a founding member of Highpersonic Whomen.

: Released May 2007 :


Various Artists - No Tone Unstirred - FDREC-07

Faerie Dragon has finally opened the psychedelic vault to bring you the release of their second compilation ‘No Tone Unstirred’. The tracks have been selected to take you from the brink of dawn and beyond with the intent of sending you sideways and putting a smile on your face.

: Released June 2007 :


Exuus - Hentai - FDREC-08

Exuus is 24 year old Ilja from Israel, his sound is warped full power truly psychedelic trance. He released his debut album ’No Controlling’ in 2006 on Japanese label 6 Dimension Soundz. Faerie Dragon are proud to bring you the well refined second Exuus album ‘Hentai’ which is destined to blow up dirt floors around the globe.

: Released April 2008 :


James Reipas - Personal Trainer - FDREC-09

Faerie Dragon are happy to present the third album from quirky Suomi psychedelic band, James Reipas. Personal Trainer is a snapshot of the current James Reipas sound which is constantly evolving and diversifying through the bands many live gigs throughout Finland and beyond.

: Released May 2008 :


Tamlin - Spectrogram - FDREC-10

After tantalizing his fans on various compilation releases throughout the past few years, Faerie Dragon Records, in conjunction with Gi’iwa Productions, are proud to present the debut album from Swedish producer Tamlin.

: Released June 2008 :


Eraser vs Yöjalka - Virtuosi Di Quosi - FDREC-11

Faerie Dragon Records is proud to present the 4th album of these two finnish psycho architects, Eraser and Yöjalka. The album "Virtuosi di Quosi", meaning something a bit like "Lords of the Liverdance" but also not, contains 11 full length tracks written and produced throughout 2007 and 2008.

: Released April 2011 :

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