Release Notes
From the depths of the corrupt, twisted minds at Manic Dragon comes this selection of mind melting, brain tweaking sonic soundscapes. A truly global compliation, this releases pulls together artists from four different continents, selected, tuned, admired and corrupted by the Manic Dragon squad, a group of people from everywhere and nowhere. Mastered within an inch to pull every punch right out of your speakers by Mark Xenomorph, this comes complete with a complimentary DJ mix from Manic Dragon’s own DJ Darth Baba, the Sith lord spins with the force.

Opening the compilation with his brief sonic episode of Manic Panic comes Sequipa, the rising talent from Brazil, with a squelchy, twisting track dripping with funk that pounds solidly into SunGirl, with her track ripped back down from the Future to the present day, that lets you feel the panic slowly begin to build inside you. Following straight behind is Toxic, the latest talent from the tortured depths of Israhell, with a no holds barred stomper of a track that spirals down to land with a grinding thud.
The time starts to slow down with the Menog-Mr Peculiar combo, the Portuguese / Australian duo that compliment each others' sounds so well, with their rocking belter Trapped. The quirky sonic sculpture of Proc¡¦s Broken Image people, exactly the twisted mindfuck you expect from the Swedish mentality, bending and tweaking your perceptions, leaving all your psychic defenses well exposed for another decent further into the depths of darkness with Penta's Esta Noche - a kick drum that reverberates through your brain and tweaked samples that confuse and disorientate. For the last stretch, as you feel now well and truly confused and unsure, as the panic sets in we travel with the German Naked Tourists whizzing thru the inner psyche highway into the Russian underground. With a solid pounder from the well-known CPC, from the Deja Vu crew, stretching and mangling whatever is left inside. Then we drop you off for the final smashing by the new underground of the USA with Vector Selector, the side project of Ocelot, with a twisted, eerie nightmare of a track which will leave anyone breathless, restless and sleepless for quite some time.


Various Artists - Manic Dragon - Inner Panic
Catalogue: MDREC-01
Format: Digipak
Release Date: February 2005
(p) + © 2004 Manic Dragon Records
Compiled by The Fried Babas
Mastered by Xenomorph
Artwork by Quasga
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SEQUIPA - Manic Panic

    Written & Produced by Stephano Braggio @ KillerLoop Studio, Brasil
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SunGirl – Future

    Written & Produced by Yana SunGirl @ SunGirl Studio, Russia
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Toxic – Titus
    Written & Produced by Avi Aboresi & Alon Atias @ Alkorto studio, Israhell
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Menog vs Mr. Peculiar – Trapped
    Written & Produced by Daniel Benardo & Dustin Saalfield
@ Spectral Concept
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Procs - Broken Image People
    Written & Produced by Mikael Stegman @ Procs Studios, Sweden
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Penta - Esta Noche
    Written & Produced by Nikita Tselovalnikov
@ Moselle Game Room, USA
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Naked Tourist - Critical State
    Written & Produced by Z-Neo and Iguana
@ Zoneotura Studio, Berlin
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CPC - Flaish
    Written & Produced by CPC @ DejaVu Studio, Russia
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Vector Selector – Arapahoe
    Written & Produced by Aaron Peacock
@ OceLoT Studio, San Francisco
All tracks © 2004 Manic Dragon Records.