Release Notes
Manic Dragon returns with their 3rd compilation, this time featuring a collection of moody, atmospheric psy-trance for the twilight hours, expertly compiled once again by the Fried Babas. 10 new and exclusive tracks, featuring the worlds top dark psy-trace producers: N3xus, Kemic-Al, Baphomet Engine, Talk-Sick (previously known as Toxic), Bilsargon Demogorgon, Kulu, Kerosine Club, The Replicants, Alien Mental and Kalaskov AS vs Natinel. Produced in 8 different countries, with expert mastering in Berlin by the Xenomorph.


Various Artists - Manic Dragon - Light From The Depths Of Chaos
Catalogue: MDREC-04
Format: Digipak
Release Date: December 2005
(p) + © 2005 Manic Dragon Records
Compiled by The Fried Babas
Mastered by Xenomorph
Artwork by Quasga
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Kulu - Twilight Of Fear

    Written & Produced by Dimitris Kulu @ Metallaxis Studio (Greece)
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Baphomet Engine - System Failed

    Written & Produced by Louis & Fabio @ Baphomet Studio (Brasil)
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Kemic-Al - Illuminatus
    Written & Produced by Aldo Lombardi @ Butterfly Studio (Malta)
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The Replicants - The Self Revealing Boris
    Written & Produced by Quasar, Dylalien, Alien Mental and Dejan
@ The Blue House, SF (USA)
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Kalilaskov AS vs Natinel - Beethoven's Dragon
    Written & Produced by Cherkashin Vadim & Nati Reboh
@ Kalilaskov AS Studio (Israel)
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Alien Mental - Take A Break
    Written & Produced by La @ The Echo VorteX, SF (USA)
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Bilsargon Demogorgon - Leaving The Real World
    Written & Produced by Valentino Trencev
@ Bhooteshwara Records Studio (Macedonia)
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Kerosene Club - Baba Cannibal
    Written & Produced by Dj 26 Brian
@ Stomp Studio, Bombay (India)
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N3xus - Mass Meltdown
    Written & Produced by Luis Miguel Lopes
@ Dark Room, Almada (Portugal)
 Play 64k MP3 10. Talk-Sick - The Final Cut
    Written & Produced by Avi Aboresi & Alon Atias
@ Alkorto Studio (Israel)
All tracks © 2005 Manic Dragon Records.